Build: The Web


Brendan Eich, who worked at Netscape Communications at the time, invented JavaScript in 1995. As the Internet grew in popularity, so did the demand for client-side scripting languages.
Even as online pages grew in size and complexity, the bulk of Internet users were connecting over a 28.8 kbps modem at the time.
Netscape began seriously considering the development of a client-side scripting language at an early stage, at a period when technology progress was at its peak, to handle simple processing.
Brendan Eich was a Netscape employee at the time, and he started working on a scripting language called "Mocha," which was eventually renamed "LiveScript" for the introduction of Netscape Navigator 2 in 1995. Java, Scheme, and Self were all fascinating to him.
For a time, Netscape was the best browser available, and it dominated the market.