Build: The Web

Online Editors

A lot of online Code Editors are available. The following is a list of a handful of them.
CodePen is a collaborative development platform. Its core functionality is that it allows you to write code in the browser and view the results as you go. A powerful and liberating online code editor for developers of all skill levels, but especially for those learning to code. We primarily concentrate on front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the preprocessing syntaxes that transform them.
CodeSandbox is a web application development environment that can be accessed through a browser. There is no need for setup, so you can get started right away. Sandboxes can simply be shared with teams or coworkers, and as many as are needed can be created. Codes are immediately performed while using the live updates functionality, allowing you to witness outcomes in the sandbox. GitHub can be used to link sandboxes.
Replit is an in-browser IDE that allows you to develop in 50+ languages without having to install anything.
StackBlitz is an online IDE (integrated development environment) that allows you to quickly and efficiently build Angular, React, and Vue projects in your browser. It handles dependencies, compilation, packaging, hot reloading as you type, and much more automatically.
JSitor is a free online application that allows you to write, execute, and share web and NodeJS snippets.
JSFiddle is an online IDE and community for testing and displaying user-created and collaborative HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets, sometimes known as 'fiddles.' Simulated AJAX calls are possible.